The Liberation Day Judging Panel




Kelly Brook                                                                            

Iconic British model / TV presenter


I am so excited to be part of the Liberation Day campaign; it is a great initiative that allows women to really think about what liberates them outside of their day to day lives”.





Alyson Hogg                                                                           

Founder and CEO of Vita Liberata


“Liberation Day is something very close to my heart. I remember a time when there was a real spike in women’s independence and I’m sad to say that I can see this could so subtly slip away.  Five decades after “Women’s Lib” we want to know just how liberated women really have become. With Liberation Day, we want to understand how you live your daily life.   From when you get up, to when you fall back into bed and all the details in between...and then, we really want to know what you would do if you were given 24 hours free from worrying about any of your day to day responsibilities. If someone took care of everything you normally have to, so that you would only have to take care of yourself, what would you do?  We want to start a big conversation with this. The aim is to give someone their Day of Liberation, but more importantly to find out if women really are as free as they think, to think big for themselves.”



Judge_Corinne Sweet.jpg


Corinne Sweet                                                                             

Leading Psychologist, Self-Help Author and 'Agony Aunt'


Today it's more essential than ever for women put themselves first, as life is full of conflicting stresses and strains.  It is a psychological truism that if you care for, love and like yourself, then it is easier to care for, love and like others".





Alice Hart-Davis                                                                            

Award-winning Beauty Journalist and Author


“Women's liberation needs to be dragged back into focus. I think women maybe think they are liberated but that they are thinking of the wrong ways of liberation, they need to learn to think bigger and I think that this campaign might make them stop and do that".





Nadine Baggott                                                                            

Hello! Magazine Health and Beauty Editor, Award-winning Journalist and Television Presenter'


“I am excited to be a judge for Vita's Liberation Day; it's important to remind women everywhere that our emancipation is not to be taken for granted and that given true freedom we could and should run the world. I am really looking forward to hearing from women what they would do if liberated for the day".